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Recreation Committee

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 John Scagliotti  Director of Recreation
 Jim Bishopp  exp. 12/31/13
 Mariann Canino  exp. 12/31/13
 Mark D'Esposito  exp. 12/31/13
 George Hamilton  exp. 12/31/13
 Michael Hegel
 exp. 12/31/13
 Ed Mooney
 exp. 12/31/13
 Steven Neff
 exp. 12/31/13
 Joan Schaefer  Secretary
 Dennis Smith  exp. 12/31/13
 Mike Steelman  exp. 12/31/13
 Richard Domenech, Emeritus  exp. 12/31/13
 Connie Nelson, Emeritus
 exp. 12/31/13
 Little League Rep.
 School Representative


Meets the 4th Monday of every month at 8:00 pm at Memorial Pavilion